Boulder, Colorado

What a day! What a joy! To be with Aynslee and Jake for a few hours capturing their Boulder Colorado engagement pictures was more than a treat. To be honest, most times when I sit down to write the beginning of a blog entry, I have trouble finding the words…after all, I’m a photographer not a writer. This one is different though. As I was going through the images and trying to best tell the story of Aynslee and Jake’s love, I was on overload. I had too many images I wanted to share and too many words to write. Originally we were going to hike a 14ner and shoot at the top. That’s so ironic, because one of the reasons why I love this session so much is because we didn’t do anything extraordinary in terms or wild adventurous destinations. It was a backyard Boulder neighborhood late night stroll sort of thing. Nothing specifically fancy, just these two. Now I have to say these two are something else though. Spending a few hours with them was a true pleasure. I’m not even sure if they’re aware of the incredible energy that they possess. I dunno, it’s like I just want more of it…in fact I think we could all use more it. By “it” I mean the power of chemistry and deep genuine love. I want to try to explain it here, but I think the images do a better job of getting my point across. Not only are these two genuinely in love, the positivity, kindness and joy that they possess, exudes out strongly and is some seriously powerful stuff. Fortunate for me, I get to see these two again for their wedding, and I can’t wait!