colorado wedding at piney river ranch


Vail, Colorado

I’ve said it before about these two, but I’ll say it again. I sincerely adore Aynslee and Jake, and this was one of those really great vibes wedding. It was relaxed, and peaceful, yet drenching in wonderful, heartfelt emotion. The truth is, I was so wrapped up in the fun, that when it ended it was technically an hour past my curfew (aka end time). Ha! Weddings are supposed to be like this one when the connection between two people is so strong that you walk away believing that soul mates exist. They’re the reason I love what I do. This day everything just felt so right, and their family and friends were just as wonderful as they were. The definition of funny, loving, kind, genuine, gracious birds of a feather flock together. Oh you haven’t heard that one? Me neither, so I guess you can quote me (ha). Really though, it’s a beautiful thing that these two grace our planet, and I consider myself extremely lucky to have met them and documented this incredible day for them.