Denver, Colorado

Urban. One word I love to hear placed in front of wedding. Art museum, two words when placed after “urban” and before “wedding” make my face tingle, eyelashes flutter and my cheeks rosey. Now “Danielle” and “Grant,” there’s two words when put together that make me lovingly sigh and my heart feel good. We met for coffee and chatted about the fusion of their history, culture, hobbies, and story coming together to create this epic celebration. I love it when that happens! When a wedding day fully encompasses a greater picture rather than just “that will look pretty.” When there’s more behind it, it feels like the real deal with depth and beauty rather than a Pinterest platter of perfection.  There’s only one thing that would have made this better, and that would have been the museum’s feature being of the art that came from classic 70’s music. Oh wait, that happened #rockon.