Joshua Tree, California

What a treat! Kandis, Dan and I met on a beautiful sunny day in the little wonderfully cooky town of Joshua Tree. We laughed, and then we laughed some more. Afterwards we were able to grab a bite of dinner at what was supposedly the best restaurant in Joshua Tree (-1 point yelp) and got to talk even more. Of course, I went to my go to questions about the story of how they met and what marriage is like. On that note! That’s one thing that made this session even better, this wasn’t an engagement session, it was a “for the fun of it” session. I love those! Somewhere we got it in our heads that the only acceptable non-selfie photo taking time is when we are born, graduate high school, become engaged and get married. Au contraire social norms! We don’t have to have a landmark to tell a story visually or document time or relationships. Love, in my opinion, is the most precious gift we have on earth, and finding your person…the one person you want to partner up with for your one special life…well, that’s something to celebrate and revel in all day, every day. Therefore I’ve decided to no longer called my engagement/portrait sessions ummm…my “Engagement/Portrait Sessions.” I’ve decided to called them “Magic Sessions.”

So on with the (strawberry) jam! These two amazing humans and friends have an equally amazing story. Kandis actually had her eye and heart set on Dan for years. She waited patiently as his friend in continual prayer, and leaned on her faith. Finally Dan’s lightbulb moment happened, and he realized the most amazing woman that was his perfect fit was waiting there with love and faith all along. Mmm mmm mmm hallelujah! Time to soak in their love and be grateful for big magic!