Oahu, Hawai'i

Insert emphatic curse word!] What the?! Be still my beating heart with these two and this day. As a Wedding Photographer I see a whole lot of love up close and personal, and so when I say “these two have something special” you know I mean it. Never have I seen a more perfect day from start to finish. Also, never have a found myself more teary eyed and belly laughing more than at this wedding day. I even joked with Kira and Wyatt about how it was quit bizarre how perfect even the lighting was from start to finish. Oh and the toasts! My goodness, you would have thought they hired professionals…the perfect balance of making fun of, and genuine heartfelt words of gratitude, joy and well wishes. It really was a remarkable experience, that I personally will never forget. Before I start a real novel here, I’ll let you experience this perfect day for yourselves. I have no doubt that you’ll fall in love with Kira and Wyatt as much as I have.