Haiku Mill Wedding Photography

Once upon a time there was a sugar cane mill, and today its sweetness and rich history still linger on. Everything about Haiku Mill is bound to make you fall in love all over again. Haiku Mill is the icing on the cake and cherry on top to the perfect destination wedding venue for photos.

Haiku Mill Wedding Picture

Haiku Mill is undeniably a lovers’ spot; one of the most beautiful places you’ll ever set eyes on. The beauty, elegance, and therapeutic scenery that surrounds Haiku Mill will undoubtedly wow and captivate you. Everything about this place is bound to make you fall in love all over again; a stroll through Haiku’s vine covered walls is like walking right into a time capsule as its rich history and mid century feel brushes against and engulfs you.

It’s the perfect setting for romantic wedding photos. See for yourself.


Why June Photography?

And to help you capture all this beauty in a frame, choose June Photography. June is no stranger to the ins and out of Haiku Mill; she intimately knows this space and loves the renewed inspiration it brings during each photo shoot. She is a Hawaii wedding photographer with vast experience in capturing the true essence of love through her lens and keen eye for detail. Showcasing love stories is June’s specialty; her work reflects and encapsulates every inch of the phrase, “a picture is worth a thousand words.” You can see from her portfolio that every letter of the phrase is spelled out.

Haiku Mill Wedding Couple

Additionally, the passion June carries and instills in her work is a vital element to the equation of perfection that her work equates to. Paint a vision in June’s mind and it will be brought to life. While still honoring her own creative artistic skills and interpretations, she still manages to honor each of her clients’ visions, uniquely catering to each individual client’s’ taste.

To learn more about June’s experience shooting at Haiku Mill, contact her today.