June Cochran is an award winning international wedding photographer based out of Hawaii and Colorado since 2010. Her work prioritizes meaning and beauty by blending fine art photography and photojournalism (candid imagery), with a heavy emphasis on authentic connections. It was over 20 years ago that she decided to turn her life's passion into what’s turned out to be the most rewarding adventure of her life to date. In 2002 (the dark room days), she began her journey of formally studying the art of photography, its history, and intricate mechanics, culminating in her Bachelor of Fine Arts in (both analog film and digital) Photography in 2009. Since then, she's had the pleasure of traveling all around the world professionally shooting everything and everyone from celebrities, to large corporations like the NFL, to shooting magazine editorials, architecture, and even food, in addition to the couples whom let her into their lives. It’s because of those beautiful human connections that she was able to experience, that she decided in 2010 to specialize in what she loves most: the celebration of romantic relationships. And so, she's proud to offer her unique signature and style of photography.

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June cochran

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Yes, I'm devoted and passionate about my art, but I've grown to a place that value's my clients experience and the impact of the work above all else.

In April of 2022 my Instagram account was ultimately hacked and permanently deleted. As a photographer, not having an Instagram account is kind of a big deal, and social media has so many wonderful and helpful parts. With that said, the time away from it has given me space from its toxic aspects, and more energy to put towards both the art of photography and my clients. Truth be told, it was the perfect gift, at the perfect time. Therefor I decided to embrace this event, trust that my business has grown organically from referrals over the last 13+ years, and move forward both professionally and personally off of social media. There is a chance I will relaunch under the management of others...we shall see.

I would be happy to meet with you in person or via a virtual meeting. You may also find a list of features at the link below.

Having recently turned 40, I've found myself in my favorite decade thus far. Moving through life with two cornerstones; a belief in the fundamental goodness of all people and our ability to grow, and not taking life on this beautiful space rock too seriously. I'm grateful to have both a close family and tribe of friends in Colorado and Hawaii, with my days spent sprucing up a vintage airstream in the jungle, camping, meditating, cooking, reading, and traveling for music and wellness with my loves. 

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Adventuring on Kauai

Mom and Dad (where the fun genes came from)

The days of being blonde with my dance partner

Kauai tribe

Mom and Dad getting hitched

Poppyseed and Grandma (our style guru's)

The four crazy goobers I love

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"Tough" by Terry Crews (love it) and "Dehumanizing Always Starts with Language" article by Brene Brown (incredible) [Here]

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“I decided everything was going to be a learning experience, and I was going to make good use of every single moment of every single day.” – Terry Crews

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